Our projects

  1. We help restore and re-establish youths from disadvantaged backgrounds by enabling them to ‘re-story’ their lives (helping them to have a new, positive life-story) through: Skills Development (Life Skills, Leadership Skills and Performing Art Skills)
  2. We produce theatre productions with relevant social themes to create awareness of, educate on, and address social issues
  3. We establish professional theatre groups as part of our enterprise development strategy
  4. We offer Creative Job Readiness Programmes and Entrepreneurship training to ensure that young people have the best possible exit strategies to warrant meaningful employment and to enable them to make a meaningful contribution to our economy
  5. We teach Community Outreach and participation-programmes
  6. We conduct Educational Theatre and Industrial Theatre programmes
Reach statistics

We follow a holistic approach to our skills and training programmes which are developed with specific measurable outcomes and assessment criteria. We have a well designed M&E system to measure the impact and effectiveness of the programmes .


  • Skills development workshops
  • Life coaching
  • Individual counselling
  • Leadership training


  • Training camps
  • Experiential based learning processes
  • Art-of-life programme
  • Environmental appreciation
  • Skills development in:
    1. Townships
    2. Prisons
    3. Inner city

Constant ventures

  • Training services to youth leaders, peer educators and unemployed young people and adults in townships
  • Constant theatre productions to publicly exhibit acquired skills
  • Impact assessments – aiming to assist in continuously building a better South Africa


  • Park Care Old Age Home Johannesburg

Development Stratergy

    Development Stratergy
Kambro Diggers Logo

In 2006 Karos & Kambro embarked on a skills training and job creation project to young adults and community members in the Southern Cape. The Kambro Diggers Cooperation was established. All the members of the registered Cooperation are people of colour and fall under the BEE-prioritised black empowerment strategy. All the members are all highly committed to grow and expand the enterprise that make up the Kambro Diggers Theatre Group. The Kambro Diggers are a full-time Theatre Company, and present Tourism Theatre and Educational Theatre as well as annual theatre productions at South Africa's biggest Arts Festival, the KKNK. Please click on the BEE link.

We present Work-for-a-Living, job preparation and employment education workshops to unemployed young people in partnership with Siya Sebenza. This strongly supports the Government and Businesses' emphasis on Job Creation.

Our training assists young people:

  • To find employment, to keep it, and to position themselves for promotion.
  • Or to start a small business and to grow it.

We can also present these workshops on request to Businesses, ensuring better productivity and better motivated Staff – To book our workshops, please contact Mabu Maholo on +27 (0)82 329 9814, +27 (0)82 777 4611 or mabu@karosandkambro.co.za.