• We are an Empowered (Designated) Black Economic Beneficiary Organisation- with empowerment- and skills training projects and Enterprise Development projects for previously disadvantaged people as per the BBBEE-codes
  • 100% of our beneficiaries are black
  • We have SED (Social and Economic Development) and ED (Enterprise Development) projects
  • Karos & Kambro is a well-registered (NPO 011-268), well managed organization

The new BBBEE codes that are applicable from 1 May 2015 is even more applicable now to our organizations and SED as well as ED projects - as follows:

  • Karos & Kambro is a Service and Development Organisation, conducting social- and economic development work – please download our BBBEE Certificate as well as Auditors confirmation letter for 100% black beneficiaries
  • Ownership remains and our two Enterprise development projects are excellent positioned to your benefit: Kambro Diggers: 87,5% black ownership and Artventures 72,72% black ownership – you can choose between them for your ED contribution should you consider it positively
  • Top management and equity merges – the higher a non-white person is in the structure of the company, the more points you will score
  • Skills Development now comprises 6% of the salaries and wages that a company pays out, and must be spent towards training, not only internally, but any training, like we provide to empower the non-white communities within our country and Preferential Procurement – Karos and Kambro is Level 4, our Co-Operatives are level 3, therefore we are well positioned as far as Preferential Procurement is concerned with a 110% Procurement level
  • Enterprise Development – 3% of a Company’s profit after tax must be donated to promote non-white businesses. Companies receive BBBEE points if they donate money (or their own effort i.e. free time, free training, free consultation or free financial advice) towards the promotion of small black enterprises; both the Kambro Diggers as well as Artventures are excellent as small black owned companies to support while you get your BBBEE points – please find attached the EME Certificates.

Should you have any queries regarding BBBEE matters or contributions, please contact our Accountant, Andre Nolte (CA) at 081 545 3040 or Email or Annelize Hartman (Accountant’s Office) at 082 8901803 or Email or Dr Salome Combrink at 012 333 9717/ 082 8874072 or Email

Download Karos & Kambro's NPO certification

Download Kambro Digger's BEE certification


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